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About Us

Passionate Equine Marketing Experts



We are marketing professionals, but furthermore, we understand the equine industry on a level that other marketing professionals don’t. We understand that your time is valuable and we understand the need for a professional image in this ultra-competitive industry. We manage your brand and your image so you can focus on what you do best, whether that’s training, competing, teaching or showing horses for sale.

How Do We Work?



We get to know you! We learn about your goals, determine what sets you apart from your competition, and clearly identify your target market. Most importantly, we create a brand, uniquely designed for you, that will resonate strongly with your desired clients.

After discovering your objectives, our team helps you choose which of our services will best meet your specific needs. We than develop a personalized marketing strategy for your business and continue to modify it as you meet your goals or your needs change. Our process includes extensive target market research, including strong analysis of data and statistics, to create a high quality marketing experience.

Why is Social Media Important?




Social media creates a modern platform for achieving your marketing goals. In today’s fast-paced culture, your clients and prospective clients crave an up-to-date connection with you and the services that you offer. Creating a strong brand identity will not only help you solidify your business goals, but will create awareness within your prospective market to create this vital connection with your followers. Whether your goals include gaining supporters (owners, sponsors or fans), increasing your income, or finding high quality employees, your professional brand identity on social media will create the following that helps you reach your goals.